The number of burglaries are on the rise. Hardly any day goes by without reports in the newspapers of criminals breaking into houses and stealing all the valuables they can lay their hands on. The important part is `laying their hands on.' They have a limited time in which they enter the home, commit their crime, and run away before the law enforcing agencies can come and arrest them. It has been observed that most successful burglaries take place in homes that do not have any safe and whose inhabitants keep their valuables in their wardrobe, which is a soft target that even a novice burglar can open within a few minutes by picking its lock. It is not the same with a safe, where the criminal needs to figure out the combinations required to open its lock.

Other factors

Are you aware that a fire in your house can burn down your valuable documents in a couple of minutes? Can you realise the implications if your house deed, your loan papers, and God forbid, your cash and jewellery were damaged due to this occurrence? On the one hand, most cupboards, including those made of steel cannot withstand temperatures generated when a fire breaks out in the house it is stored in. The thin sheets of iron act as a good conductor of heat and heats up the interior of the cupboard, leading to burning of the goods stored inside it. A safe, on the other hand, is made of thick iron sheets and contain insulated interiors that protect documents and other things stored inside it.

Modern generation safes

The latest generation of safes contain many other additional features that make it next to impossible for burglars to open them. Some of them contain a digital number pad. One needs to press a correct sequence of numbers on the number pad to open the safe. If someone presses the wrong sequence, the digital lock emits a beep and displays an error message on its display. One gets a fixed number of chances to input the correct sequence of numbers before the electronic circuit locks the pad permanently. Once this occurs, one can reset the keypad by inputting a special code. Many stores sell such safes. However, it is a wise idea to purchase your requirements from a reliable online store. Check the wide range of safes at and purchase one that meets your needs.

Bournemouth Locksmiths – Your Local Locksmith Service In Bournemouth

Bournemouth Locksmiths – You shall not find a better or a more reliable locksmith service offered in Bournemouth and the surrounding areas, we offer a friendly and local service. You shall not find a more efficient service around; we guarantee to beat any price given to you already. Call today to speak to your local locksmith in Bournemouth.


Why should you pick Bournemouth Locksmiths?


  1. A2 have been running for the past 10 years serving the local community.
  2. Offer a full 2 year guarantee on all Locks fitted to your property (Have to be fresh fits)
  3. Offer free security checks
  4. Hold a range of over 1000 locks on board at all times
  5. Class A customer service skills
  6. Onboard key cutting equipment
  7. Emergency response unit’s – Aim to get to your door within 20 minutes
  8. Discount’s shall be offered to OAP’s and Students – 10%
  9. Smart, Presentable and we are 100% trustworthy with all quotes and work carried out.
  10. The golden rule in customer service and that is the customer is always right.



A2 Bournemouth Locksmiths Carry out the following work


  1. Gain Entry’s
  2. UPVC Door lock replacements
  3. Euro Cylinder Lock changes
  4. Multipoint Lock changes
  5. Wooden Door Locks
  6. Change of Night Latch Locks
  7. Garage Door Locks
  8. Digital Door Locks
  9. Padlocks
  10. We change the following brands of locks – Chubb, Yale, Cisa, Union, ASEC, Abus, Era, Squire, Banham & Ingersoll Locks
  11. Onsite Key Cutting service
  12. Domestic and commercial locks
  13. Window Locks
  14. Free home and business security checks

Bournemouth Locksmiths are highly skilled professionals that have fully equipped vans containing all the necessary equipment to help with gaining entry to properties, changing locks and even making your home more secure after a burglary. You should never have to think twice about choosing a locksmith in your local area and after using Bournemouth Locksmiths for the first time you will never have to look again as we are the number 1 locksmith service in Bournemouth and the surrounding areas.

Commercial Locksmith Services

Commercial Locksmith Services

Commercial Locksmith Services are available for businesses of any size across Bournemouth and nearby areas. Whether you are a landlord or property management firm or a large national business, we can cater for your needs. From straight-forward Multi-Lock installations to complete Security upgrades. If you require a Commercial Locksmith Service, Call: 01202 935006 to arrange an appointment or use the contact form.
Residential Locksmith Services

Residential Locksmith Services

A2 Locksmiths have a number of services available. This includes, but is not limited to: Key Duplication, Lock Replacement, Security Upgrades, Night Latch Installation, Broken Key Removal and more. If you require our Residential Locksmith option, Call Us Now: 01202 935006.
Emergency Locksmith Services

Emergency Locksmith Services

This level of is available to both Residential and Commercial customers across Bournemouth and the surrounding areas. We are able to gain entry to both properties and vehicles. If you require an Emergency Locksmith in Bournemouth, please give us a call on 01202 935006. We are available 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week including over the Christmas and New Year period for NO EXTRA CHARGE.